GLS Monitoring

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GLS Monitoring

Cementing a long period of collaboration & delivery of many joint projects together, GLS Monitoring, a joint venture between Geomotion Australia & Land Surveys, crystallises major synergies between the two entities.

Geomotion Australia, with a global supply chain and vast experience in precise geotechnical instrumentation from around the world, and Land Surveys, with a national coverage and 20 years expertise in survey and spatial technologies, GLS Monitoring provides a single source for our clients, in delivering Instrumentation and Monitoring solutions to major infrastructure, construction and resource projects.



Combining any combination of geodetic, geotechnical, environmental and client specific instrumentation with a range of telemetry options, our automated systems work together to efficiently collect and manage multiple sensor inputs.


Whether it is 5 sensors or 5,000, our monitoring systems adapt as projects expand, allowing progressive installations whilst maintaining a holistic view of the project from start to finish.


Data is captured, stored and presented in an easy to use data visualisation package – fully customisable and accessible by the client. Securely hosted in the cloud, data is processed, verified and displayed in near real-time, allowing clients to set alert levels, analyse and report from one software platform.