GLS Monitoring

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Collins Wharf, Melbourne

Installation of an integrated automated monitoring system, comprising In-Place Inclinometers (IPI’s) to measure ground movement, together with an Automated Total Station to measure movement of a wharf and sea wall during major piling works.
Data was streamed in real time to the central monitoring database where alerts and movements were able to be assessed by all consultants and decisions made quickly.

Wynyard Place, Sydney

Real time monitoring of a heritage façade, utilising tilt, and structural integrity sensors, movement of the façade as a result of wind, thermal, and construction activity is measured in real time and alerts sent if tolerances are exceeded.

Forrestfield-Airport Link, Perth

The Forrestfield-Airport Link project is a $1.86 billion State and Federally funded project to provide a new 8.5km rail link to the Eastern Suburbs of Perth, between Bayswater and Forrestfield. We are providing a complete monitoring solution, including the installation of both manual and automated monitoring systems with over 8000 sensors across the project. All instrumentation & monitoring data is hosted live on a comprehensive Monitoring Information Management System (MIMS), which is accessible by the client and all stakeholders of critical infrastructure to be monitored.