Complete Monitoring Solution

Combining any combination of geodetic, geotechnical, environmental and client specific instrumentation with a range of telemetry options, our automated systems work together to efficiently collect and manage multiple sensor inputs.

Whether it is 5 sensors or 5,000, our monitoring systems adapt as projects expand, allowing progressive installations whilst maintaining a holistic view of the project from start to finish.

Data is captured, stored and presented in an easy to use data visualisation package – fully customisable and accessible by the client. Securely hosted in the cloud, data is processed, verified and displayed in near real-time, allowing clients to set alert levels, analyse and report from one software platform.

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Instrumentation & Monitoring


GLS Monitoring specialises in the supply and installation of a world-class range of geodetic, geotechnical and structural instrumentation, representing the highest standards of engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Our products are backed by an accredited quality control system to achieve maximum reliability and performance, and are designed to withstand the challenges of most environments.

We supply and install the following range of instrumentation:

Structural monitoring sensors:

  • Electrolevels and MEMS tiltmeters
  • Extensometers and strain gauges
  • Settlement systems
  • Vibration monitoring

Tunnel monitoring sensors:

  • Bassett Convergence System
  • Electrolevel and MEMS tiltmeters
  • Crackmeters and strain gauges
  • Data transmittal to surface via modem/ethernet/radio
  • Argus software allows for easy data handling and interpretation

Deep excavation, landslide and earthworks monitoring sensors:

  • Inclinometers (manual & automated)
  • Extensometers (magnetic, rod & wire)
  • Ground water level monitoring
  • Bore pressure monitoring  (vibrating wire, pneumatic & hydraulic piezometers)
  • Settlement profile systems
  • Fully automated landslide early warning systems
  • Prop monitoring

Geodetic Monitoring Sensors:

  • 0.5” Monitoring Total Station
  • High accuracy GNSS
  • Precise digital levelling

Monitoring Systems

Whether it is tunnels, heritage, dams, road, rail, structures or mining applications, GLS Monitoring have a complete solution to meet your requirements. Delivering data effectively, efficiently and reliably and providing visualisation of your project from a central location.